Arr me hearty's it’s time for Poole's annual Pirate festival. With Harry Paye 2024 fast approaching dust off your inner pirate, and remember the legend that is Harry Paye. The main event is on Saturday 15th June, with the shenanigans beginning at 12 noon.

Harry Paye was a privateer pirate employed by King Henry the 4th . He sailed the seas hurting to the enemies’ of the British Empire. Harry mainly plundered French and Spanish ships, bringing the plunder back to Poole to share with people of the town. The French and Spanish both put a bounty on Harry and sent ships to Poole, the town they believed he lived in.

When the Fleet of ships from France and Spain arrived in Poole they burnt it to the ground. Harry himself was not in Poole at the time, but the people of the town fought the invaders and with support of archers and raiders from the local Manor of Cranford drove them back to their boats.

Harry Paye didn’t take the attack on his home lightly and sailed to meet the invaders. After taking his Paye-back on them, captured 120 ships loaded with goods. These goods were shared with the people of Poole and used to rebuild Poole.

This series of events made Harry Paye a legend in Poole and the surrounding areas. Harry Paye day is the annual event in recognition of this iconic local figure.

Harry Paye Costumes For Kids

With a a fancy dress competition being held for the kids, here at Hollywood we can kit your little one out from head to toe in all things pirate.

Harry Paye 2024 Jolly Pirate Boy
Jolly Pirate Boy
Harry Paye 2024 Deluxe Pirate Costume
Deluxe Pirate Boy
Harry Paye 2024 Buccaneer Sweetie costume
Buccaneer Sweetie Costume
Harry Paye 2024 Princess of the seas costumes
Princess Of The Seas

For The Adults

Why should all the kids have the fun, release your inner pirate and dress to plunder.

Harry Paye 2024 Aye Aye pirate man
Aye Aye Pirate Man
Harry Paye Pirate shipmate
Ship Mate Pirate
Harry Paye 2024 Pirate Wench
Pirate Wench
Harry Paye Treasure pirate lady
Treasure Pirate Lady

Harry Paye Essential Accessories

No pirate is complete with out the correct accessories, from swords to eyepatches we have it all.

At Hollywood we have all the pirating goodies that you’ll need to celebrate this day in style. So please support your local Hollywood stores and show your appreciation for the largest costume shops in the of South England. Bringing fun to your celebrations.