Did you know June the 17th 2017 is Harry Paye Day? An annual event that happens in Poole dedicated to the famous pirate Harry Paye!


Who is Harry Paye?

'A good 200 years before the likes of Blackbeard, Captain Flynn, Long John Silver, Charles Vane, etc all of whom are portrayed fantastically in the series ‘Black Sails’ (If you haven’t watched it, do so) the southern seas were abound with tales of an infamous pirate known as Harry Paye. Born around 1364, Henry Paye, also known as Harry, or Arripaye (to the Spanish), was a privateer and smuggler from Poole, Dorset in the late 14th and early 15th century, who became a commander in the Cinque Ports fleet.

Paye led naval raids along the coast of France and Spain from Normandy through to the Bay of Biscay and Cape Finisterre.  He also helped quell the Welsh revolts brought about by Owain Glyndŵr, defeating a French fleet sent to aid the uprising. He was a renown and much feared pirate of the southern seas.'

What is the day?

This is the Pirates of Poole main event of the year where the townsfolk of Poole and many from across the lands don their Pirate outfits and celebrate the day Paye took revenge for the attack on Poole.

What to wear?

Any pirate themed outfit is of course welcome! From Jack Sparrow to Blackbeard why not dress as your favourite Buccaneer to help celebrate this local event?

This fantastic Captain Hook inspired outfit is just the thing for any gent! It comes complete with a red jacket, trousers, top with attached belt and cravat. This Authentic Pirate Captain Costume will rock your party and make you the centre of attention!

For the ladies why not try yourself as a bit of a fortune teller buccaneer? This gorgeous ladies deluxe pirate buccaneer beauty costume is a must-have for any woman looking to show off her Buccaneer ways! This fantastic costume comes complete with a purple and blue dress, purple coined sash, purple bandanna and a gold necklace to finish off the look.


Get the kid's involved!

Set sail to the seven seas in search of hidden treasure with this brilliant Jolly Pirate Boy Costume. This Buccaneer inspired outfit comes complete with a red and white striped top, black trousers, matching bandanna and eyepatch to finish off the look.

This pretty outfit comes complete with a red and black striped dress and a matching hat with skull print.


So come on pirate lovers! Make sure you check out this exciting event taking place in Poole!

For more information on the day itself and the Pirates of Poole visit the following website:-