Harry Paye Day 2019

The 600th anniversary of Harry Paye Day is being held on Saturday 15th June 2019! Only 4 days away!

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What is Harry Paye Day?

Harry Paye Day is a day to celebrate and remember the life of one of Poole's most famous pirate, Harry Paye of course!

Henry Paye, also known as Harry, Page or Arripaye, was a privateer and smuggler from Poole, Dorset in the late 14th and early 15th century, who became a commander in the Cinque Ports fleet. He intercepted hundreds of French ships for gold wine, exotic fruits and brought it back to the people of Poole. To read more on Harry Paye click here.

Men's Pirate Clobber

Aye Aye Pirate - Harry Paye Day

This brilliant Aye Aye Pirate Captain Costume is a must-have for any Jolly Rodger wannabe! This fantastic outfit comes complete with a Black, Red and White Top, Brown Trousers, Tie/ Sash and Tricorn Hat with Hair to finish off the look. Jack Sparrow eat your heart out!

Harry Paye Day - 36174

Captain Hook, the main villain of Peter Pan, with one hand as a hook, has returned to Neverland. Including a jacket, trousers, top with attached belt and cravat. This Authentic Pirate Captain Costume will rock your party and make you the centre of attention! This stunning Men's Pirate Captain costume is so regal which makes it a must-have for Harry Paye Day.

Harry Paye - High Seas Pirate Costume

This high seas men's pirate costume is a fantastic option for your next fancy dress party. If you want to play the character of a dastardly pirate who sails the seven seas and loots and plunders, this costume will give you the look. This excellent high sea men's pirate costume includes a white long sleeve top, short brown trousers, an attached brown waistcoat, a baldric, a belt and a headscarf. It is available in sizes medium and large, so take a look at the options and choose the best costume for your needs.

More Men's

Harry Paye - 25783

This pirate man costume includes boot covers, trousers, a shirt, a headpiece and a belt – everything you need to capture the look of a pirate. Check out these stylish striped trousers and the beautiful wine-coloured belt/sash and matching headpiece. If you add a long wig of scruffy wind-swept hair, an eye patch and a sneer you will absolutely look the part! Don’t forget to talk like a pirate too – Shiver me timbers! If you are looking for men's pirate fancy dress costumes you have come to the right place.

Harry Paye - 20469

Are you looking for great quality men's pirate fancy dress costumes for your next fancy dress party? You have come to the right place! We stock a great range of pirate themed fancy dress costumes so that you can get into the swashbuckling spirit. These costumes will make any landlubber feel like a sea-worthy scallywag, so why not place your order today? This great pirate man costume comes with a red headscarf, black trousers, a white shirt, a red belt, boot covers and a brown waistcoat.

Ladies' Pirate Outfits

Harry Paye - 45534

This gorgeous Ladies Deluxe Pirate Buccaneer Beauty Costume is a must-have for any woman looking to show off her Buccaneer ways! This fantastic costume comes complete with a Purple and Blue Dress, Purple Coined Sash, Purple Bandana and a Gold Necklace to finish off the look. It's also ideal for dressing as a Fortune Teller or Gypsy! Perfect for stepping out for Harry Paye Day.

Harry Paye - 45491

This sassy Pirate Deckhand Costume is a must-have for any lady looking to dress as a swashbuckling Pirate! This brilliant outfit comes complete with a Blue and Black Striped Skirt, White Shirt, Black Mock Waistcoat, Brown Belt and a Red Bandana to finish off the look. Accompany Jack Sparrow as his female companion in this great costume.

Harry Paye - 30716

Show that you are the queen of the seven seas with this sexy pirate wench costume. Who said that girls can’t be pirates? You will be a hot swashbuckling babe in this gorgeous outfit, complete with a striped headpiece and a dress that is white, red and black with a skull and cross bone detail. It is available in small, medium and large and it offers a very comfortable and flattering fit. The costume is made with high-quality materials and it will last you a long time so that you can wear it to several fancy dress parties and special events.

Harry Paye - 20470

This gorgeous sexy pirate costume with red, white and black lace-up dress, a red scarf and an eye patch. Pair it with boots and sexy fishnets and you have completed the look! Don’t forget a sword or a pistol, so that you can defend yourself while plundering and pillaging.

Kid's Costumes

Harry Paye - 44404

This fantastic Deluxe Pirate Girl Costume is ideal for anyone looking to dress as a Buccaneer! This pretty outfit comes complete with a Red and Black Striped Dress and a Matching Hat with Skull Print.

Harry Paye - 25761

Take control of your ship, and be the crews' leader in this Pirate costume! Includes deluxe shirt, striped trousers, black boot covers, red headscarf and belt.

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