On Friday the 6th April, the countdown ended and Zombies flocked to the doors ofHollywood ‘just for fun’, banging their blood stained hands on the windows, clawing to get in!! Led by Thriller Michael Jackson and an evil zombie-bob square pants, the Zombies came from all directions, scaring the public, with the soul purpose of getting into the new store before anyone else!
The store was swiftly saved by a variety of superheroes and characters who were enjoying a nice cuppa in the café next door, taking the zombies out with their laser swords and guns. It wasn’t until all the zombies lay defeated on the pavement outside the new shop that the ribbon was cut, proving the characters and superheroes victorious!
We had a stampede of people come down to enjoy the big day, from our friends at theSO16 Troopers to zombie sailors, nurses and even a giant cockroach! The new stores ribbon was cut at midday, and the awaiting public flocked in to have a jolly good look around at all the new fancy dress costumesmasksmake-up and accessories on sale! We were so happy to re-open the locals much loved fancy dress shop and look forward to giving back to Southampton’s night life! Thank you to everyone who took part in the fantastic opening day, it was great to see so many people enjoying the new store and having fun with fancy dress. Take a look at all the photos on Facebook to see if you can spot yourself, don’t be shy tag away! Again, thank you from all of us here at Hollywood, and come to visit us again soon!