Fasten your seatbelts readers, because this competition is one heck of a thrill ride. We are giving you the chance to win you, or you and your crew free costumes of your choice*. Ideal for next years socials or summer ball, or if your are so inclined, to wear on an average day doing the food shop. All you have to do is upload a photo of you at summer ball demonstrating your best pose to our facebook page (Bournemouth Fancy Dress Hollywood) and make sure you're all tagged in it. In the words of a meerkat I once knew 'simples'. So let's recap that again;

1. Go to BU Summer Ball 2013

2. Take an awesome picture of you, or you and your friends showing your best pose in your fancy dress costumes

3. Upload said picture to our facebook page (Bournemouth Fancy Dress Hollywood) and checked you're tagged.

4. Wait for us to facebook message you to find out if you're our winner, this winner or group of winners will be drawn June 22nd 2013

*T&C's apply, see in store for details.


See you soon Party People,

Love Lenny the Lobster xx