Hollywood's will be back soon!

How are you coping in lock-down? We hope you are all keeping well! Before you know it we will be back! We are planning to reopen our shops soon (following Boris' guidance to come), so do not panic we have not forgotten about you.


In the meantime why not look at the brand new products which we will be launching once we are open again? We've got some real exciting stuff to share with you!

Summer the season of sailing!

Once we are back we have summer to bask in - though it won't be as 'normal' as our usual summers, one thing is for sure! They can't stop the fun of fancy dress! What better time to get out in some sailor gear then in summer!

High Seas Sailor Ladies | Back soon

 'What shall we do with the drunken sailor' Dress them up and send them to the party, this fantastic sailor outfit is perfect for any costume party.

The costume comes complete with white dress, which has blue hem and waistband and gold anchors, also attached to the address is a blue collar with red bow, white and blue cuffs, the costume comes with sailor hat.

Men's High Sea Sailor | Back soon

Perfect for a socially distanced stroll on the beach, this brilliant sailor costume is easy to wear and will look fun in the sun!

The costume comes complete with blue trousers, white vest top with attached blue and white collar and anchor motif, and of course not forgetting the dough-boy hat.

Gotten too used to lock-down?

Perhaps you have grown too used to lock-down? Well don't panic we have just the outfit and wig to help you recreate your free-spirited, cat-loving, roller ways!

Cat Lover Costume | Back soon

 Become the crazy cat lady with this fantastic cat lovers costume. The costume is a fantastic homage to cat lovers the world over.

This brilliant costume comes complete with pink dressing gown adorned with cat faces with a cat as a collar, and a cute cat poking out of the pocket. You also get the fantastic odd slipper socks, one pink and one blue with the same cat face print.

Let's be honest, we all know at least one person who has spent lock-down like this! Why not join in the fun when we are back?

Cat Lover Wig | Back soon

Transform yourself into the crazy lady that everyone no and loves you for. This lovely blonde wig is perfect, complete with attached pink rollers. Short curly blonde wig. Let's be real, we all know that one gal who has spent lock-down with their hair in rollers - after all looking glam is a 24/7 job!

This wig is perfect for the crazy cat lady look, team up with this costume for the perfect outfit.

God Complex

Unfortunately ladies, we all know that one guy who we are pretty sure has a God complex because they think they are God's gift to women everywhere.. this costume is for them!

God's Gift | Back Soon

We have this costume all wrapped up for you, deliver god's gift to the stag do with this fantastic fun costume.

The costume comes complete with box shaped costume in blue with green ribbon and bow. Including the gift tag 'To Woman From God'.

Thank you essential workers!

Haven't key workers been amazing during this time? Whilst we clap for the NHS to thank them for their incredible service, what about the other workers? Well now you can pay homage to your postman, or lady with this hilarious outfit! After all, without them who would deliver your impulse purchases and the post which keeps you sane?

Post Box Costume | Back soon

Transform your self into the iconic red pillar boxes. Ever wandered what it is like to peer out a post box slot, well now you can.

This fantastic fun costume, is an all in one red costume in the shape of a post box, your face peers out the slot and your arms out the side.

Look dapper this summer!

Get ready to look dapper this summer and stand out in some brand new stand out suits! The summer alternatives with shorts instead of trousers are genius!

Pink Stand Out Suit | Back soon

Come on, secretly every man loves pink and to be fair it is a great colour on men! Bring colour to your life and stand out with this fantastic bright pink standout suit.

The suit is a bright pink costume with tailored jacket and trousers with matching tie.

Fruity Stand Out Suit | Back soon

Nothing get's the feeling of summer pumping like the image of fruit everywhere! Celebrate summer in style with this fantastic fruity shorts stand out suit. Just think of you standing on a beach in this dapper outfit with a pina colada in hand!

The suit comes with tailored shorts, jacket and tie printed with summer fruits of watermelon, pineapples and other exotic fruit.

Sunflower Stand Out Suit | Back soon

For all those insta-grammers this Ray of Sunshine stand out suit is just the thing for latest post! Imagine snapping this suit in a field full of sunflowers? Celebrate summer in style with this fantastic floral shorts stand out suit.

The suit comes with tailored shorts, jacket and tie in a white adorned with bright yellow sunflowers printed all over. We will be back and so will summer, what else could you ask for?

Netflix binging

Have you been binging Ab Fab on Netflix during lock-down? Of course you have, it's a classic! Now you can dress as the alcohol dependant Patsy!

Patsy | Back Soon

A show brilliant in its uncensored bad behaviour and satirical humour, this programme features Edina and Patsy, two hard-drinking, drug-taking, completely and outrageously selfish middle-aged women. Absolutely Fabulous was one of the best shows around on the 90's.

With this fantastic costume you can become the champagne swilling Patsy, the costume comes complete gold skirt, zebra print jacket pearl necklace and the fabulous blonde wig.

Back Soon

We hope you have not missed us too much, we will be back soon and we will share with you our plans once we know more from the government and have implemented their guidance and strategies. For now, stay safe, check out our brand new lines and keep on top of the government's guidance!