From Wednesday 20th- Saturday 23rd of January Bournemouth Pavilion will be hosting troublesome terrors from the past with the Horrible Histories live on stage! Prove to your kids that learning can be entertaining with an evening at the theatre.

Horrible Histories

Born from a book series in 1993, the hit children’s history show from CBBC is back and taking to the stage with ancient style! Groovy Greeks and Incredible Invaders will both be world premier shows using both actors and 3-D special effects to bring horrible histories to life! Whether you’re child has a history project coming up, a birthday or you just feel like treating them to an educational evening, this event is perfect. Family tickets are available so get the whole gang together and head to the Pavilion!

Groovy Greeks

Find out what it was like growing up in gruesome Greece where myths and legends were born from savage Sparta to angry Athens. You’ll be greeted by Greek Gods and the fearsome Minotaur! You will even be part of the first ever Olympic games and the first play in the Coloseum.

Incredible Invaders

This thousand year journey will have you sailing through time and the vicious  Vikings sailing out into the crowd! Will you survive the savage Saxon invasion or the ruthless Romans as they carve their way into Britain?

This is family entertainment with all the nasty bits left in! Parents love it, kids love it and teachers love it so why not grab some tickets and see if you love it too? If you’re looking to get involved and dress up for the occasion then you need to pay a visit to Hollywood! We stock official Horrible Histories costumes for kids and if the big kids want to join in we have great costumes for adults too!