Planning on hosting a Halloween party of your own this year? One so gritty and gruesome, your friends will never forget it? With our help, your party will be one for the ages! Hollywood Fancy Dress has got all the disturbing costumes, revolting accessories, and bloody decorations you're going to need.

We've got a huge range of creepy Halloween costumes, such as the ever popular Zombie Nurse, Skeleton Tutu and Bloody Butcher! Don't forget to accessories your costume with some Fake Blood and Bloody 30 Inch Machete!

With these, you'll definitely look the part, but you're putting on a party, not a fashion show. Our Halloween decorations such as the Bloody Spider Web and Bloody Table Cloth are just what you need to darken up the place!

Serving alcohol at your party? If you're a student, it goes without saying, really. Your mates will get a real kick out of the Shot In The Arm shot glass holder and the Skull Funnel Beer Bong!

If you're not interested in buying a costume, remember you can always hire one from our store on Castle Lane West, where we keep our massive range of costumes available for hire! We also have stores located on Post Office Road in Bournemouth town, and Queensway in Southampton.  Student discount is available with every valid NUS card!  Please visit our website to see our full range of Halloween costumes and accessories. Have a spooky time!