One of the hottest themes for a fancy dress party at the moment is a 1920s look – especially after the release of the popular film “The Great Gatsby”. So if you want to recreate the look of the Roaring 20s, what should you wear to that big event?

The 1920s was a very fun time when it comes to fashion and women were discovering a new freedom. The flapper style is very dramatic, flirty, playful and feminine and it is a lot of fun to get dressed up for a 1920s party.

Hair Styles

1920s Flapper Wig Short & Wavy SM-33314

The popular style at the time was hair jewels, sparkly barrettes, hair bands and other decorations. If you can incorporate these into your look, perhaps with a cute up-do, you will capture some of the charm of the flapper era.

Many flapper girls also had very short hair, so if you have a short haircut such as a bob or a pixie, this will work well for you.


So how can you create the look of the 1920s makeup style? Think back to the actresses in films of the era and copy their styles, such as the thin dark eyebrows defined with pencil, winged eye liner and dark lipstick in a Cupid ’s bow shape.


20s Hat Black with beads and flower SM-33445If you want to create the 1920s vibe with your jewellery, there are a lot of stylish costume pieces available that will give you that glamorous sparkle. When it comes to 1920s style jewellery, look for styles that are sparkly, large and glamorous. You can even look for pieces with an Art Deco inspiration, as this style was popular in the era. Also, long strands of pearls are another options for recreating the look of the 1920s.


The styles worn by ladies in the 1920s were quite subtle – unlike the towering high heels of today. Kitten heels and even flats were popular, which makes for a much more comfortable evening. Also, shoes with ankle straps or t-bar straps were a popular choice as well. Go for metallic shades, neutral tones or sparkly shoes.

Faux Fur

Another popular fashion trend at the time was fur and many flapper girls wore large fluffy fur coats over their sleek and sparkly dresses. You don’t need to wear real fur – there are plenty of fake fur coats and stoles out there that would look great.

Don’t Forget the Sparkle and Fringe

Charleston Flapper Costume in GoldOne of the most important things to remember when capturing the 1920s look is to add a lot of glitz and sparkle. Glitter was found on a lot of clothing and accessories from this era, so look for sequins, sparkles and other sparkly material. If you have a dress or a purse you already love, you can sew on some sparkle as well.

Another very popular style of the period was dresses with fringe. If you look in vintage clothing stores or fancy dress shops, you just might find 1920s flapper style dresses in this style.

These are some tips to keep in mind for your 1920s fancy dress party, so have fun!