The incredibles are back on the big screen! We've only waited 14 years for the family of superheroes to return! That's right the much anticipated sequel is released into cinemas on July 13th.


So what's the plot about this time?

Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) is left to care for the kids while Helen (Elastigirl) is out saving the world... I know it sounds pretty straight forward but this is a Disney Pixar movie so it's going to be just as epic as the first movie! What better time to show off our new Incredibles II costume collection then with the release of the new movie!

The Incredibles, time to dress like a superhero!

It’s showtime! Stretch into this Mr Incredible jumpsuit and relive the glory days, running from one disaster to the next and generally saving the day! As Bob would say: “Hey, come on, We’re superheroes. What could happen?” This brilliant men's costume comes complete with a red and black printed jumpsuit and eye mask.

Incredibles - Mr Incredible

Welcome back the Incredibles, the family who never find anything is a stretch. See what tricks you can perform as your own “Elastigirl” when you wear this jumpsuit and mask. Just avoid baby Jack-Jack’s devastating laser gaze. This brilliant outfit comes complete with a Red and Black Printed jumpsuit with boot tops and eye mask.

Incredibles - Mrs Incredible

There’s no telling what you might achieve when you beef up your front with this Incredibles muscle chest. Once on, we think you’ll feel the power much as Dash does, perfect to resist the occasional bump with enhanced durability… This brilliant outfit comes complete with a Red Printed Muscle Top with Matching Black Eye Mask.

Incredibles - Dash

Once inside your Incredibles suit, see what special powers you share with the family’s young son, Dash. Designed by Edna Mode, it is said the suit can resist friction, wear and heat. Start running as super speed and see what happens! This brilliant costume is unisex so is ideal for boys and girls! Comes complete with a Red and Black Printed Jumpsuit and Matching Eye Mask to finish off the look.

Incredibles - Violet

See what tricks you can perform as daughter Violet when you wear this fetching tutu and mask.

Incredibles - Jak Jak

You can literally dress up your entire family for the premiere - even get your three year old involved! So pop into store now and grab your superhero attire!

Check out the trailer now.