He is the one that taught you how to ride a bike, took you on your very first trip to the beach and for long walks on a Sunday afternoon. Honour your Dad this June 21st with a big Father's Day celebration!

What Is Father's Day?

Father's Day first came about in the early 20th century and originated in the United States. It falls on the third Sunday of June each year so it does not have a fixed date. It is a relatively new celebration that came about as a counterpart for Mother’s Day. With the boom in equal rights developments, Fathers are much more hands on parents than they were when Mother’s Day first came about. We live in an era where we can have stay at home fathers and mothers that fight wars so it seems only fair that we would honour them equally. But Father's Day isn’t just for biological fathers; you can use it as an opportunity to show how much you care about a father figure in your life, a step-dad or grandfather.

What To Do This Father's Day?

For those Father's with young children they often spend the day doing family activities or having a big family gathering, while those with older children might go for a meal or relax at the pub together. It is also a great opportunity for Father and son bonding experiences like a fishing trip.

Father's Day cards are given by children filled with loving messages and funny jokes, most schools will encourage students to make these themselves so they are more personal. Common Father's Day gifts include gardening equipment, electronics and alcohol. If you’re feeling generous you can always take him on a golfing experience, or even cook him up a nice big BBQ to really make him feel special. Whatever you decide, be sure to let him know just how much you care.