Nerdageddon strikes again! From the guys that bring us Southampton’s best film and comic conventions, we present “I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This” the ultimate Star Wars event! Get yourself down to the Oasis Academy on the 8th August for a whole host of nerdy fun and games!

Now if you’re a lover of all things Star Wars then you will probably have heard of Nerdaggedon. They are a Southampton based events team that deals with all things nerd. These are the lovely bunch that brought us Southampton Comic Con this year and last and also the annual DefCon events. With all of their growing success new and shiny events are popping up left right and centre, like their Nerd Mart where you’ll be able to go to find comics and collectables at bargain prices!

Who Has A Bad Feeling About What?

With all of the excitement surrounding the up and coming Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens” it seemed only right for them to set up something extra special this year and that, they certainly have! “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” was first used by Luke Skywalker in “A New Hope” Since then the phrase has become something of a running joke and is one of the most frequently used phrases throughout all of the movies and even games made from the movies. While it is a particularly famous phrase, only Star Wars fans understand the reference so it makes the perfect name for a new themed event

What To ExpectBad Feeling

Now if the fact this will be an entirely Star Wars themed event is not enough reason to get excited, then just you wait! There is a stunning line up of guests to look forward to including Brian Muir who sculpted the original Darth Vader, Storm Troopers and Death Star Droid! Femi Taylor who played Oola (Being green and sexy way before Gamora) will be making an appearance as will Alan Ruscoe, best known for playing Plo Koon and Bib Fortuna.

It’s not just actors and artists to fan squeal over either, there will be the UK garrison of the 501st costumer group who are very well know for their incredibly authentic Star Wars costumes and performances. There will also be a full sized Land Speeder, Speeder Bike and Pod Racer, Star Wars models and even a Jabba The Hutt photo display. If that wasn’t enough Nerdaggedon have got the Jedi Fight Academy to come and teach the kids how to wield a lightsaber!

What To Wear?

If this sounds like your kind of event then why not get into the spirit of things and grab yourself an awesome Star Wars costume! Here at Hollywood we have a great selection of Star Wars costume for adults and kids. We have deluxe costumes to buy and even to hire at our Castle Lane branch and there are also official skin suits of your favourite characters including Bobba Fett! If you’re feeling super adventurous then check out the incredible inflatable Jabba The Hutt costume…. That’s right, I said inflatable! Whatever you descide to wear, make sure you grab yourself a ticket and get on down!