So we are half way through January and are you feeling a bit down now that Christmas and New Year are over and done for another year? Well then let the glumness be gone! If you are a 1980's fan then this month must be your favourite! With so many 1980's inspired events going on - including a few Butlins are hosting who needs Christmas?! Give yourself something new to look forward! Grab the fishnets and dig the colourful beads out of your drawer it's time to relive the eighties.


Party January away like it's the eighties!

Let go of your Christmas woes and troubles and set 2017 off with a 1980s themed memory. Who doesn't love dressing up in rainbow coloured fishnets and curling your hair to reach that perfect perm?! Are you heading to Butlins this month? Then it is frankly a crime to leave your house without a cassette tape or lace gloves. Why the Eighties you ask? Well we just can't seem to get enough of that popular decade. What with plenty of hits making their way on our radios and fantastic movies embracing our cinema's how could we?

Costumes galore.

Are you stuck with what costume to wear - well as long as you wear something bright and bold nobody honestly cares. But why do it half-heartedly? If you are going to dress up you might as well go all out. One of our most popular costumes for the 1980's is the iconic Shell Suit! Yes - you really did own one of these. Don't forget they were trendy and comfortable. This blue one is a man's best friend! Don't worry though ladies - we also have a female sized one available in pink!


Not convinced by dressing up?

If dressing up isn't your thing then that is fine! It's not for everyone. However there is away you can attend an 80's themed party without looking like a walking rainbow. The answer you seek is accessories!! Lucky for you we have a massive selection of 80's accessories which includes party beads, wigs, hosiery, glasses, make up etc.


Don't be the scrooge of the event and pop down to one of our many stores now or shop online! You really have no excuse to make some level of effort - what better era to dress as?