There's nothing like leaving things to the last minute. If you have left all your New Years Eve prep to the last minute then do not panic! That is what we are here for! Come into store now and pick up the last off your must-have essentials for a successful New Years bash!


It's last minute - what costumes are in?

Do you not have a theme for the bash you are heading too and don't have a clue what to wear? Well then relax. It's all about the 1920's! People just cannot seem the get enough of the Twenties! Can we really blame them though? Who doesn't love Flapper dress and Pin Striped suits? Not to mention the endless list of accessories that match the outfits! Everyone loves a bit of razzle dazzle at the party! Another reason the Great Gatsby works - it's classy. If you are looking to really impress and glam up then how can you resist a trip to the 20's this New Year? We have a massive 1920s collection which includes Flapper dresses and Gangster costumes for ladies and men - to hire and buy! (Hire at our Castle Lane Store only).

Got my outfit - need the party goods please!

If you already have your attire ready for the big night but it's sprucing up the bash you are in need of then look no further! We have tonnes of party goods to suit any style of party! Something we love our shimmer Tinsel Curtains - they are fun and can brighten any doorway of the house! The dancing lights really bring this lovely decoration too life. More party goods which are must-have to keep the guest entertained our party poppers and rocket balloons and we are now fully stocked of the beauties!! I do hear that quite a lot of places have sold out. Which means we are the chest holding your treasures!

I just need to end the party with a BANG?!

Are you looking to simply end the spectacular show with a closing ceremony which would make the Olympics envious? Well then some good ol' Fireworks is what you require! And we are the place with a humongous range on all things fireworks! From selection boxes to rockets, barrages and even sparklers - indoor and out, we are the saviors you are looking for! Whether you have a budget or you don't need one we are guaranteed to have something to please your needs. After all a party is not a party without a bang!

last Most importantly people have a fantastic night and a wonderful New Year!!!