Are there any Wolverine fan's in the house? Well if so the new Logan movie coming out tomorrow is a must-watch for you! Find out what happens to Logan after the X-Men Sequels.


Logan (Wolverine) - the best X-Men.

Let's be honest as a hardcore X-men fan (which I'm sure we all are) there is one guy we simply wish had even more screen time in X-Men, Wolverine of course. A mutant that has metal claws which can cut through pretty much anything and did I mention he is self-healing?! Well of course he is our favourite and some might say one the most indestructible of the X-Men. I mean who wouldn't want their own pair of claws? Although they started off as bones... well we are glad he had them metal-fied... even if it was a painful process.

Rumour has it, it is your last chance to catch a glimpse of the legendary Hugh Jackman in the role of the beloved X-Men! Not only has he starred as the mutant in the original three movies but her appears in the recent prequels and already has two movies dedicated to himself: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and The Wolverine (2013). But I'm sure you already know that being the hardcore fanboy/ girl that you are!

Be Wolverine!

Did I mention we have Wolverine 2nd Skin costumes?! That's right you can now be the most popular mutant and look iconic doing it!


This brilliant outfit comes complete with a yellow and blue second skin which has the iconic, comic book uniform print, ahhh - the good old days. You should definitely show up to the movie premiere wearing one of these. I'm sure Hugh Jackman himself would love it!

So come on Wolverine lovers! We all know where you will be on Friday evening! Head to your nearest cinema and make sure you don't miss out on the movie premier of Logan! Catch the trailer here:-