New Years is a time for elegance so it’s no surprise that masquerade balls are hugely popular. Slip into your ball gowns and Masqueradepress your suits ready for the end of the year extravaganzas!

Masquerade Masks For Everyone!

No matter what your taste or style, you will have no trouble finding the perfect masquerade mask in a Hollywood store. You will be greeted with a wall full of glitz, feathers and colour, with hundreds of designs to choose from. From full face fancies to pretty lace eye masks, we really do have it all. It’s not just the ladies that will be spoilt for choice either as we have a great range of male and unisex masks too.

The Bandit: If you’re after something truly simple, minimal and easy then how about a bandit mask? Transform yourself into Zorro in an instant; just add a thin moustache and you’re away!

The Lacy Wonder: A delicate and dainty mask can suit just about any face shape and due to the soft lace fabric it will fit you like a dream. It is the perfect effortless mask for any event.27556

The Warrior: You’ll be a vision in gold, stunning party goers with your heroic charm. The masculine shape and design of this mask make it perfect for any gentleman looking to catch an eye or two.

The Glitzy One: If you prefer some height to your mask then she is the beauty for you. This pretty eye mask continues up over the face into two delicate points covered in black and silver sparkle. For added glam it is also adorned with feathers.

The Nosey One: This mask is sure to turn a few heads at any party. It has cracked effect colouring and gold filigree detailing from the forehead all the way to the tip of the nose. The sturdy shape and stern look is sure to have people flocking to you at the masquerade ball.maks

The Luxurious One: This mask is stunning! Covered in embroidered silk and gold sequins this mask gives the wearer a feeling of Royalty. The soft stitching around the eyes and beautiful bow on the side make it ultra feminine and perfect for any masquerade ball.

This is just a taste of what we have to offer for Masquerade parties and it’s not just masks! We have stunning costumes, long gloves and feather boas to help you complete your look. Pop in to your nearest Hollywood branch today or see our full range online at