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From one Star Wars fan to another, we all love an excuse to dress up and relive those magical moments by having a now 9 movie marathon. So why not take May the 4th as your perfect excuse? With a huge range of deluxe costumes and must have accessories for both adults and children, its time to start up the Millennium Falcon and fly down to Hollywood.

May the 4th is a day where fans of the much loved franchise let their geekiness free and become everything Star Wars. Whether you’re having a party with all your Jedi friends or just binging the movies alone, don’t miss out!

Cue the metallic breathing and deep voice, Lord Vader is here! Probably the most iconic figure from the entire series, Darth Vader is the villain everyone loves. Whether you’re following in the evil footsteps of Anakin Skywalker or controlling the Death Star with your loyal Troopers, let the Dark side out with these great costumes.

What Star Wars outfits do we have?

There’s the classic Vader costume for both adults and kids, including a black jumpsuit with printed buttons, matching black cape and iconic mask.

Star Wars - Kids Darth Vader


Or the sexier ladies Darth Vader costume, to show off the figure Darth wished he had. Complete with a black jumpsuit with attached moulded armour, attached long cape, belt and the Vader mask.

Star Wars- Ladies Darth Vader Costume

And there’s no need to strain your voice anymore, with this realistic Darth Vader breathing device. It mimics the sound of the infamous sound that all Storm Troopers dread. Now in stock in all 3 Hollywood stores!

Star Wars - Breathing Device

Let’s move towards to light, and onto the galaxy’s most loved princess. Princess Leia strutted onto the big screen in 1977 and bought her sassy attitude with her. Being the lead woman (and only woman) The Princess brings girl power wherever she goes, and you can too with this costume. Available for both children and adults, it includes the long white dress, belt and space bun wig.

Star Wars - Princess Leia Costume


Everyone training Jedi needs focus and calm, and a Lightsaber of course! With these fun inflatable ones, you can battle your friends with the risk of cutting their hand off. Available in a range of colours.

Star Wars - Inflatable Light Saber

Don’t forget to check out a great range of Star Wars themed balloons in store as well. And may the force be with you all.