May 4th has become known as International Star Wars Day. The date was chosen due to its close resemblance to the famous saying from the Star Wars franchise "May the force be with you". Since then, this date has been a day to celebrate the 3 original films, additional 6 films and all the off-shoot series. May The 4th Be With You

With May the 4th fast approaching and so many Comicon's on around May, why not treat yourself or someone special to a new star wars outfit?

Star Wars Children Costumes

Lets start with the little ones, we have all the classics from Chewbacca to Princess Leia, and not forgetting Darth Vader.

May The 4th Be with you princess leia costume
Princess Leia Girls Costume.
May the 4th be with you chewbacca
Boys Chewbacca Costume
Kids Darth Vader Costumes
Boys Darth Vader Costume.
May The 4th Be with toddler costume
Not forgetting the little ones. Toddler Darth Vader

Adults Costume Ideas

For the die hard fans of star wars, we have a large selection of adult costumes. We have the classics to the spin offs. Mandalorian being a popular Disney+ series.

Storm Trooper costume
Adult Stormtrooper Costume
May the 4th be with you darthvader
Darth Vader Costume
X wing fighter costume
X-Wing Fighter Costume
Star Wars Last jedi Rey costume
Star Wars Rey Costume.

Complete The May The 4th Look

Every star wars character has an accessory, whether it be a trooper blaster, or a cute little Porg, here at Hollywood Fancy Dress we have all the accessories you need.

May the 4th be with you gun
Trooper Blaster
Porg shoulder sitter
Porg Inflatable Shoulder Sitter.

So whether you are a series comic con cosplayer or just wanting to dress up for fun, here at Hollywood Fancy Dress we cater for all, from kids to adults, and even the pets. Are you the dark side or the rebellion? Which will you choose?