With so much choice every year, it can be hard to find the right Halloween costume for you. Have no fear; Hollywood is here to save the day with our Top 10 men's costumes for Halloween!


  1. Grim Reaper. Be the very icon of Halloween in a spooky black grim reaper robe complete with rope belt. Add a tall scythe to the costume and you’re ready to go soul reaping.


  1. Zombie Doctor. What could be scarier than your doctor turning into a brain munching menace? Well find out now with the tattered and blood spattered costume including white coat with attached top and matching trousers. Add some extra blood spray and levered limbs for ultimate effect!

  1. Bo Bo the Clown. Ok, so maybe clowns are scarier than zombie doctors… Just take a look at Bo Bo with his silky jumpsuit and terrifying clown mask, but don’t blame us for the nightmares! Pair this great men's costume with a huge blood splattered machete and terrorise the whole circus.


  1. Zombie Plumber. He might seem like a sweet little Italian plumber but Mario has a dark side that might involve eating brains… But you didn’t hear that from us! This costume includes blue dungarees with latex rib cage detail, long red top and a matching hat. Add one of our fantastic zombie make-up kits to complete your look!


  1. Skeleton. It wouldn’t be Halloween without a few skeletons roaming around so why not join in? Not only do you get a fully printed skeleton jumpsuit, you also get a hood and matching gloves. All you need is a menacing skeleton mask and your costume is complete!


  1. Cereal Killer. No, that wasn’t my poor spelling! It is in fact, our tastiest Halloween costume of all. Puns are great and this one takes top prize for best Halloween themed pun costume with a Rice Krispies box inspired tabard! What more could you want?


  1. Zombie Policeman. Keeping the peace is a stressful job, especially when you suddenly crave flesh! Dress as a zombie police officer this Halloween with our fantastic costume. It includes a men's black and white bloodstained top, black tattered trousers and a matching police hat.


  1. Zombie Dwarf. Snow White has her work cut out for her this Halloween with a hoard of zombie dwarves tearing up the forest! This costume consists of a long red top with attached waistcoat, brown trousers and a terrifying zombie mask. Add a bloody axe and some liquid latex to up the gore factor!


  1. Skull Stand Out Suit. Halloween isn’t always about horror and gore, who says you can’t be dapper and dressed up? Check out the skull print tailored stand out suit consisting of lined jacket, trousers and matching tie! Add some bold eye accessories for extra impact.Men's


  1. Zombie Wrestler. Use your well honed acting skills to transform from pretending to hurt your opponent to tearing the limbs off of them with the Zombie Wrestler costume! This very attractive blue jumpsuit with printed gore, fringed arm cuffs and a scary half mask are all you’ll need for Halloween this year!


If that wasn’t enough inspiration for you ‘orrible lot then be sure to pop in to your nearest Hollywood branch and check out a huge range of Halloween costumes and accessories that will blow your mind! We’ve got just about everything you can think of and 5 stores across the South, so you don’t have to go far to get the perfect Halloween look.