Mother's Day is fast approaching. It's the 26th of March 2017. Make sure you dust off your calendars and mark the event!


Let's be honest we owe our Mother's a lot so what better way to show our gratitude then to dedicate a whole day just to her! (Don't worry dad's you get your day in June!)

Mother - let us spoil you!

Every mum needs to be spoiled on their special day and we at Hollywood Fancy Dress do not lack in the spoiling department! We have pretty hair accessories that any Earth Goddess would be envious off and since our mother's are of this earth and are Goddesses in their own right it's perfect for them!


Our mum's are just as delicate as a Daisy so her hair deserves to be crowned in them. Besides what mum does not like flowers?

Brighten your mum's day!

Nothing says 'I love you mum' more then dressing up as a Sunflower on the morning of Mother's Day with a big bag of gifts in hand, flowers and a balloon! Why a sunflower you ask? Well not only do they brighten the field they spring from but they are called Sunflowers for a reason! Help your mum look forward to the glorious sun that is due this summer by dressing as a walking, talking flower of the sun!


There's no denying the fact that it is a pretty awesome outfit.

Balloons galore!

Something a mum always wants is a balloon... I mean who doesn't love getting a balloon? Personally I believe their aren't enough occasions on the calendar that can be celebrated with an air filled circle! Not sure what kind of balloon or display to go with though? Then no problem! Check out our fancy 'Hollywood Balloon Arcade' facebook page where we display all of our lovely creations on:-

So mum's if you are reading this make sure you are relaxing with a balloon in hand, a giant sunflower granting all your wishes and demands whilst your hair is crowned by with daises and have a marvelous Mother's Day!