Mother's Day 2019

Are you stuck for ideas this Mother's Day? Then make sure you spoil your mother with some balloons! Book your balloons now and call us on 01202 532262.

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It is a known fact that all Mother's love balloons! So why not check out some of our fabulous displays we have already created in store to give you some inspiration.

Mother's Day - say it all with balloons!

Mother's Day Balloons

We have some really stunning balloons which will grab your attention and make your mum feel loved!

Is your mum a gardener? If so she will surely love our stunning watering can, mother's day balloon. It's pink, latex and has a gardening and floral design. Something so simply, yet still lovely for Mother's day.
Mothers Day - Gardener

This amazing, Pink Gumball, balloon display is something fun and easy for us to assemble here at Hollywood Fancy Dress. Why not spend that little extra and ensure to give your mum a laugh and a smile this Mother's Day. It's made up of latex and foil balloons, along with modelling balloons to make the arms.

Mothers Day - Gumball Balloon by Hollywood Fancy Dress

Here we have our Poole Store's window display at the moment, does your mother love strawberries? Well since it's pretty much spring and the cold winter is behind us, why not get this pretty strawberry mother's day balloon, in the shape of a heart of course!

Balloon Window by Hollywood Fancy Dress

Why settle for just one balloon for your mother when you can grab her a beautiful cluster of balloons, these pretty clusters only take 5 minutes to do so if you are in a rush these are for you! Opt for two different shades and they contrast each other beautifully. Your mum is bound to be impressed by one of these!Printed Mother's Day Balloons by Hollywood Fancy Dress

Another gorgeous balloon cluster here, notice it's for a wonderful mum? It's guaranteed to be fitting for your wonderful mother too!

Beautiful Mum - Mother's Day Cluster by Hollywood Fancy Dress

This adorable Balloon stand doesn't take long to do at all, ideal for those in a rush also. This pretty 'I Love You Mum' stand has a pretty bear design on the front. After all what mum doesn't love a cute and cuddly bear? The stand is pink and white and the colours contrast each other beautifully, don't you think? Mother's Day Balloon Stand by Hollywood Fancy Dress

Even more styles...

This pretty 'Happy Mother's Day' heart design balloon stand is ideal for spoiling your mum! With a delicate floral design you can see the flowers compliment each-other nicely, as if that wan't enough it is in the shape of a heart. With pink and red, floral printed latex balloons for the stand, this is another one for the gardening mums out there!

Mother's Day Heart Shaped Balloon by Hollywood Fancy Dress

Are you a dad looking to get your partner an adorable gift from your very small one? Well this 'I Love You Mummy!' design is a popular pleaser for any mum with a little one. Come on dads, we are helping you out here!
Love you Mummy Balloon by Hollywood Fancy Dress

Is your mother a nature lover and as magnificent as a butterfly? Then this beautiful 'Happy Mother's Day' cluster is for you! This stunning Mother's Day balloon cluster is made up of foil and latex balloons. The latex balloons are made up of pearl white and pink colours with a printed design.

Mother's Day Butterfly Balloon by Hollywood Fancy Dress

To celebrate Mother's Day we take a look at Histories Top 5 Mother's!

1. Marie Curie

Although scientist Marie Curie (1867—1934) is best known for being the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, she also raised her two young daughters alone after her husband died in an accident in 1906. One of their daughters, Irène Joliot-Curie, went on to co-win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with her husband for their own work with radioactivity. Joliot-Curie said her mother instilled hard work and flexibility in her children: “That one must do some work seriously and must be independent and not merely amuse oneself in life—this our mother has told us always, but never that science was the only career worth following.”

2. Sojourner Truth

In 1826, Sojourner Truth (circa 1797—1883) and her baby daughter escaped slavery in Ulster County, New York. Soon after her escape, she heard that her 5-year-old son, Peter, was illegally sold to a man in Alabama. Truth raised money for a lawyer, filed a complaint in court, and successfully got Peter out of slavery—a landmark case in which a black woman successfully sued a white man in court. Truth went on to become a Christian preacher in New York City and toured the northeast, speaking about the Bible, abolition, and women’s suffrage.

3. Abigail Adams

As the wife of President John Adams, Abigail Adams (1744 —1818) was the second First Lady of the United States. Because her husband was often away from home for work, she often single-handedly ran their farm, wrote letters supporting equal rights for women and the abolition of slavery, and educated their five kids who survived into childhood—including future president John Quincy Adams.

4. Irena Sendler

Irena Sendler (1910—2008) was a Polish employee at the Warsaw Social Welfare Department who smuggled almost 2500 Jewish children out of the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust, saving their lives. Using the code name Jolanta, she gave these children false identification documents, established temporary (non-Jewish) identities for them, and placed them in convents, orphanages, and Christian homes. Although the Nazis arrested her, tortured her, and sentenced her to execution (she survived because the Gestapo was bribed), she didn’t give them any information about the whereabouts of the children or the inner workings of her smuggling operation. A mother of three kids herself, Sendler received Poland’s Order of the White Eagle award in 2003.

5. Kathy Headlee

Kathy Headlee, a mother of seven (the youngest of whom she adopted from Romania), started Mothers Without Borders to help orphaned children around the world. Beginning in 1992, she led a group of volunteers to distribute relief supplies to orphanages and train caregivers in Romania. Since then, Mothers Without Borders has sent volunteers to help children in Bolivia, Bosnia, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Nepal. To read more click here.

So there we have it, Mother's simply are amazing! Make sure you spoil your mother rotten this Mother's Day and show your appreciation with balloons!