New Forest Fairy Festival 2018

It's fairy time!

fairy dust GIF

Flutter your wings and sprinkle your fairy dust! On the 11-12th August all the new forest fairies will appear from behind the leaves or the big oak trees and gather together for a weekend of fun. With an uplifting atmosphere and an enchanting setting. It’s not one to miss!

Fairy-tastic! What will you become?

Why not go for this beautiful nymph costume…

Fairy - Renaissance Nymph Costume

This deluxe nymph costume is just stunning! A full length gown with off the sleeve shoulders with a green and pink laced corset. Just amazing! If you want to go all out this is the perfect costume. You won’t need to sprinkle your fairy dust over this one because it dazzles all by its self.

Or because of all this hot weather you may just want something light and easy but at the same time something that will still look the part. What about these magnificent large pixie wings…

Fairy - Pixie Wings

These deluxe wings come in 2 colours blue and silver and purple, both with a silver glitter pattern. Why not match them up with a coloured tutu and a flowered headband, to give you that fairytale vibe.

Fairy - Blue Tutu

Our range of tutu’s comes in all different colours so you can pick the one that’s perfect for you.

And you can’t not have a flowered headband, this pink flower garland would be the perfect to complete your look. Again in our Hollywood stores we have various styles and colours to choose from.

Fairy - Headband

Maybe you want to go the complete other way and conjure up your own magical animal. Get your creative juices flowing and come up with something out of this world. Like this Faun kit, it’s a great starting point and you can definately add to this to make it mythical.

Fairy - Faun Makeup Kit

This is just a little taste of what we have to offer here at Hollywood... We have so much to choose from, wings all different colours and sizes to make-up, gems and costumes we have it all. Make your day magical and pop it to your local Hollywood store and grab your must haves!

For more information on this festival click here.