Remember all those lovely fairy tales you were told when you were a child? Well, this Halloween we’ve got in a few of those lovable characters you used to always hear about…only, there’s something not quite right about them… Back at Hollywood just in time for Halloween, it’s the not-so-sweet characters from the Once Upon a Nightmare collection!

 New to the collection this year is the gruesomely gorgeous Repulsive Rapunzel (SM-28042) and to go with her, the floor-length Repulsive Rapunzel Wig. We also have the Twisted Tin Man who, being so dastardly, doesn’t come with a heart, but you can add a Heart Clock to make him less scary… if only a tad! Also new this year is the (not so) lovely Snow Fright and believe us, the name says it all! Returning to Hollywood for Halloween is the Cheshire Cat whose smile is not as cheery as you would remember!

For the full Once Upon a Nightmare collection, check out our website or visit one of our three stores. Remember, Halloween is a busy time for us at Hollywood so to avoid disappointment, make sure you get yours now!