A Halloween house party is the ultimate chance to show off to your friends, just how great of a host you are! With so much on offer, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to throwing a truly memorable bash!


Get creative with decorating your home and garden this year with a little help from Hollywood. Greet your guests at the door with caution tape and some big and bold Halloween balloons. As they enter, entangle them with big spooky spider webs hanging from the ceiling and covering the walls, add some big hairy spiders to really creep them out! Transform your garden with scary tomb stones and maybe even some zombie flamingo props for extra fright factor. If you want to go all out, how about some talking, flying bats? Or what about animatronic statues like Pestilence who is movement activated!

Party Food

There are so many fun and new things you can try when it comes to making party snacks for Halloween. Literal finger food is always a good one and super simple too as you can use cocktail sausages and ketchup or salsa dip. Yummy! Try a twist on the traditional gingerbread man and decorate him like a zombie, that way no one will notice if you’ve snuck a nibble before the guests arrive (I won’t tell if you don’t!) Our favourite treat has to be the brain jelly though! Pick yourself up a jelly mould set from Hollywood and you can make brain and heart jellies in all kinds of flavours. We like to add jelly worm sweets to ours to gross out party goers.


It wouldn’t be a party without a good beverage or two! Add a mist maker to your drinks Partytable to give the illusion of bubbling potions. Offer up a range of colourful liqueurs in one of our Shot in the Arm props or how about Shot in the Head, both with removable shot glasses. If you enjoy a good drinking game at your party then a skull funnel beer bong is a must! And don’t forget out shot glass ring game especially for Halloween!


A party is nothing without top tunes for all of your guests to enjoy. Check out our Halloween Top 10 party tracks here! Mix it up with some spooky atmospheric tracks and a little bit of cheese dance music to get people really moving. You’re Halloween party is sure to be a hit!