British weather… don’t we just LOVE it? Well now you really can with this amazing new range of party ponchos created by our biggest supplier just in time for the festival season! This beautiful British summer you can battle the elements in true style with these fun, colourful and waterproof animal design ponchos.

The perfect accessory for every festival goer, these ponchos are light and compact so will fit in even the smallest of luggage cases. You can even attach the case to your belt and be ready to whip out when the bad weather strikes! They all come with a front pocket for your essentials or even your umbrella if you’re facing a serious down pour!

All the ponchos in this awesome new range are unisex and a free size so no one gets left out! And if you don’t want to take a walk on the wild side with the animal prints, we have this fabulous flower design with pretty petals on the hood!

Stuck on what Poncho to go for? Well why don't you match up your personality and find out which is your 'Spirit' animal for fun!

DUCK - Party Ponchos

Emotional comfort:
Party PonchosDucks remind us to drink deeply from the waters of life. Find comfort in your element and with those of like mind and spirit. Ducks teach you how to maneuver through the waters of life with grace and comfort. 

PENGUIN - Party Ponchos

Party PonchosDreaming and Astral Projection:

A Penguin person will have lucid dreams and have the ability to change the course of those dreams while still asleep. You can use those same energies to change the course of your waking life as well.

Giraffe - Party Ponchos

Farsightedness:Party Ponchos

Giraffe people should be very careful of what they say. Be sure you are not saying too much to the wrong person, or in the reverse, too little. Do not allow other's words to affect you. Giraffes have their legs firmly planted on the earth but their heads in the sky. This represents balance and the ability to progress.

Tiger - Party Ponchos

Party PonchosPassion, Power, Devotion:

It is very important for Tiger people to have time alone in their own special place. Tiger is the symbol of darkness and the new Moon. When a Tiger totem enters your life, expect new adventures. It will awaken new passion and power. Tiger people do their best work at night.

When you try these new ponchos you’ll be hoping for the rain, just for a chance to show off your funky new waterproofs!

Party Poncho 2014 collection