Rumour has it, the Hollywood Zombies have grown into a bigger pack, and they’re going to attack the new store when it opens on Good Friday! The staff, kitting out the new store in Queensway, Southampton, heard wind of this rumour and ventured into the stock room to grab Lenny, dressed up in some fancy outfits we found, and ventured out into the streets to alert the local public of the Zombie Hunt! The countdown is still going, will less than 1 day to go until we think the zombies are going to attack, so we though it would be great time to let the public know and see if we can get any more superheroes to come and beat the zombies when they arrive! Luckily, Lenny grabbed his camera on the way out, and we were able to take some snaps of him with the public in Southampton! Hop onto Facebookand check out our Prelaunch Promo album!