We all like a change now and then and what better time to start a fresh than New Year’s Day? Lots of people make the same New Yearresolutions so why not think about doing something a little more personal or relevant to you this year.

Resolutions Are Hard!

Giving up sweets can be difficult when you’ve just received 5 bars of Cadburys, 4 chocolate Santa’s, 3 tins of roses, 2 shortbread and a Lindor ball in a pear tree! It’s probably not the best time to start a detox when you will be sweating sugar syrup so why not strive for something more achievable until the yummy foods have all been eaten?

Go For A Walkcountryside

In a day and age where everyone has a car and there’s a bus on every corner, it can be easy to forget just how quick and easy travelling by foot really is. You can stand there waiting for a bus for 20 minutes and have walked to your destination in that time! If you live in a built up area why not try walking in the country once a month? We’ll even let you drive there if you like. You might not drop a dress size but your body will thank you.

Put Down Your Phone

We’re all guilty of it... Me especially! We sit there on our phones during meals, when we visit the family and even while we’re out and about. We need to put the phone down! I know it has pretty lights and yes, that cat video does need to be shared on Facebook, but save it for your sofa. Limit your mindless scrolling to a couple of hours a day and speak to your friends and family over a meal or a beverage instead of a phone screen.resolutions

Give To Those In Need

That £3.50 you’re about to spend on a yummy coffee could be going towards building wells in Africa or providing food for Syrian children. It doesn’t even have to get air miles as we have plenty of worthwhile charities here in the UK for the homeless and for under privileged children. Make a brew at home and pop that change in a charity pot once in a while.

Make Time For People

With the wonders of social media, connecting with people is easy, but sometimes work and other commitments keep you away from the people you care about. Plan ahead and set up days out and evening catch ups with the people you miss. Extended family can be hard to keep up with, but a couple of times a year can be enough so don’t leave them off of your list!

Find A New Hobbymodelling balloons

Lots of people try to give up on smoking and drinking during the New Year, so why not take up something better for you? There are endless possibilities here! What is that one thing you have always wanted to try? Could it be painting? Fishing? Balloon Modelling? The best part about starting up something in the New Year as there will be lots of good stuff on sale so if you’re undecided, why not pop down to town and pick a new hobby!

Whatever you choose as your New Year’s resolution, Hollywood wishes you the best of luck!