Ringwood Carnival is back and we are ecstatic! Saturday 16th of September 2017 is when we will take to the streets and show off our pride and community spirit in Ringwood!


What is Ringwood carnival all about?

Ringwood saw its very first Carnival in 1929! It was originally set up to fund the purchase of a certain field from local man Mr. Carver, as well as to raise monies for the Royal Victoria & West Hants Hospital. Carnivals followed in 1931 and 1934, when the Coldstream Guards marched through the town in full dress uniform.

The first Carnival after the war was in 1950 and has continued every year since. Today the Carnival is Ringwood’s largest and most important annual community event.

The Carnival always takes place on the 3rd Saturday in September.  It consists of two processions, an afternoon childrens’ procession and an evening illuminated parade.  Both parades feature wonderful community floats designed and built by local groups, clubs, schools, organisations, businesses as well as groups of families and friends. Also included within these parades are fantastic marching bands, steam traction engines, dance groups and feature cars. Both processions are headed by the wonderful Carnival Queen, led by the Sampsons Percheron Horses!

As well as the processions, there are street entertainers, music bands, live entertainment, fireworks and the huge Adlam’s Fun Fare that all also take place on the day.

Fancy Dress

Why not get together a group of your friends and show the people of Ringwood that superheroes really do exist! Enter a float into the carnival or crash it as a team of superheroes and bring smiles to everyone's faces! After all who doesn't love a superhero?


Get set for the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world! It’s day vs night as Superman squares up against Batman. Clad in the Dark Knight’s latest look, will you have what it takes to save the entire human race? This fantastic costumes comes complete with a grey/ black textured patterned jumpsuit with muscle print, black cape and black mask to finish off the look!

An emblem of hope for some and a dangerous alien force to others, the city of Metropolis is divided as to whether Superman is friend or foe in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’. With Batman set to settle the issue, you best summon some superpowers of your own. This brilliant Superman costume comes complete with a blue and red, muscle printed jumpsuit with iconic Superman emblem and red cape to finish off the look.

As son of Krypton and the Bat of Gotham clash, each will be left confused by the appearance of Diana of Themyscira. As Wonder Woman, you will have to settle their differences and work together to quash Lex Luther’s Doomsday plans! This gorgeous costume comes complete with a blue, red and gold, shiny dress with matching silver armbands, red and gold leg covers and a gold headpiece to finish off the updated iconic look!

So get ready to take over Ringwood carnival and show everyone the world is full of heroes!

For more information on the carnival please click here.