Are your looking forward to World Book Day in March? Well if so then it is a date in your diary that simply cannot be missed! It is the 2nd of March 2017 and it is their 20th anniversary! Roald Dahl is a much-loved and famous Author and Poet of children's books. His works span from the 1940's all the way to the 1990's! That is at least 50 years of creating our favorite classics... that is some career!

What makes Roald Dahl such a great choice for World Book Day is he is one of the most children's book authors of all time! Known for such classics as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr Fox, Matilda and even The Gremlins!

Roald Dahl - which is his best work?

So I think it's pretty much impossible to pin point which book of Dahl's is his best work... However I think it is safe to say some our more popular than others. Personally here at Hollywood we would have to rate 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' as the number one contender for the most well known.. and possibly the best! Who does not love a mysterious Chocolate Factory owner and well... it's a Chocolate factory, enough said. Lucky for you we do have a Willy Wonka costume already in stock for World Book Day!


It comes complete with a striking yellow waistcoat, a purple long sleeved jacket and green trousers. It also includes the distinguished spotted bow tie, elegant top hat and striking cane.

A heroine for the girls!

Now we have a heroine for the girl's: Matilda! This lovely outfit is perfect for any little one willing to bring Dahl's young hero to life! This fantastic costume comes complete with an iconic blue dress with book entitled 'great expectations' and a green newt. She is probably one of Dahl's most iconic female protagonists!


Anybody looking for a Big Friendly Giant?

That's right - we actually have a BFG outfit for children and it's amazing! This This iconic costume comes complete with a brown and white top, green trousers, ear headband and horn. It's a perfect choice for any little one that loved Disney's recent 'The BFG' movie which is of course based on Dahl's book.


A cunning and friendly fox perhaps?

You cannot of course say Roald Dahl's name with thinking about a ginger, cunning Fox known as 'Fantastic Mr Fox' of course! This popular creature is for many a much-loved favourite and in many ways a reminder of a lot of people's younger years! So now we have a costume that brings the sly Fox to live whilst still in the original style of Mr Fox himself! Includes a  a burgundy jacket, orange bushy tail, yellow waistcoat, fox mask and spotted cravat.


With many more characters from Dahl's universe such as The Twits, James and the Giant Peach and even the dreaded Truchball!

So come on parents you really have no excuse not to grab your little one a costume for World Book Day this year! And what better choice than a classic you know and love from your childhood too?!