When it comes to fireworks, you absolutely must have rockets! Whether they are the core of your display or to fill in the time between your barrages, they are a firework night staple.

Cheap and Cheerful

You can get some real bargains when it comes to rockets so if you’re on a budget, have no fear! Small packs like Star Gazer give you a mix of 5 small rockets for only £4.99 or how about 5 for £9.99 with 5-Alive? They might not wake the neighbours, but they’ll make a nice addition to any garden display.

On the Money

Take it to the next level with our £20-50 range of rockets! Whether you’re after one big bang like Demolition Shell or a fun multi pack, we’ve got you covered.  Two of our favourite rocket packs are the Flying Pigs and Silly Cows! Don’t be fooled by the gimmicky look of these cute characters, the rockets pack a real punch. Another fantastic new edition to our fireworks range is The Nuts and the name says it all really!

Splash the Cash

Bring out the big guns with a hefty £60+ budget! You get some serious bang for your buck here my friends. If you’re after a good selection then try After Burner which is a huge 36 pack of assorted rockets. For some serious noise you’ll want to get the Platinum Rocket pack which contains 6 huge shells to finish off your display in epic style!

Safety for Rockets

As with any fireworks you must take health and safety VERY seriously. Fireworks are fun, but if mistreated are dangerous and can cause harm to you and those around you. Rockets will have instructions on the packaging detailing any safety measures you need to take such as burying and what distance they should be from the audience. Rocket packs will also include a launch tube, but if you require extras, we do sell them individually too. If you are unsure, make sure you ask a member of staff in store before you make your purchase.