On Monday 22nd February Southampton Mayflower Theatre will be awash with glitter, feathers, lace and lipstick as The Rocky HorrorRocky Horror Show explodes onto the stage!

Rocky Horror Is Back!

After a record breaking world tour Richard O’Brien’s classic show is back and bolder than ever! Prepare yourselves for plenty of fun, frolics and even a little bit of fornication! With a star studded cast and musical numbers that will have you springing from your seats and dancing in the isles, this is a show not to be missed. The Rocky Horror Show will be on every evening until Saturday 27th so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get your Frank ‘n’ Furter fix!

Diana Vikers from the X Factor will be playing the role of Janet with Emmerdale’s Ben Freeman as Brad. Paul Cattermole from pop band S Club 7 will be Eddie and, of course, Liam Tamme will be taking on the role of eccentric Frank ‘n’ Furter! Tickets start at just £19 so gather your friends, slip on your stilettos and get yourself down to the Mayflower! There is a 12+ age rating for The Rocky Horror Show, as there will be a sprinkling of rude scenes so think before you bring the kids.

What To Wear?

It is a firm tradition that EVERYONE has to dress up for The Rocky Horror Show, an unwritten law, if you will! To avoid embarrassment make sure you pop into your nearest Hollywood branch to find yourself a fun fancy dress costume for the party. From the Frank ‘n’ Furter style outfit to Magenta’s French maid kit to Columbia’s top hat and cane; we have a great range of costumes and accessories on offer so you’re sure to find something perfect for you! The fishnets will be out in full force so don’t be shy and bare all!