A film with a little LA Confidential mixed with some Untouchables shows us that the only thing LA Noire was missing was some hip hop music. Following the Los Angeles Police Department trying to keep the East Coast Mafia out of Los Angeles; Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn and Josh Brolin put on their husky hard man voices and grab their tommy guns to bring us a few hours of people burning money and shooting through cinema screens. The film also brings the love interest of Emma Stone, who at the moment seems to be the only girl Gosling has his eyes on, sorry girls. It’s been a while since we’ve had a good ol’ gangster movie pop up on our screens and with a fantastic cast like this one it is no doubt going to be a well acted film. The musically talented of you out there may notice that the trailer does feature Jay Z, showing that the editors working on this have quite an impeccable taste in music, so kudos to them. We all love a bit of gangster over here atHollywood and in excitement to this movie getting released soon; we pinned down Lenny and covered him in mafia moustaches. We’re kidding. We put a trilby on him too. We don’t want to ruin the next 2 and a half minutes for you, so check out the trailer, and then start thinking up ways to look like these awesome mob gangsters/LA cops. We hold a huge range of 1920’s gangster mob outfits and accessories, from zoot suits and flapper girls toinflatable tommy gunstrilbies, bracesties, tashes and much more! We think the release of this film into your local cinema calls for a good old get together with your pals all dressed as 1920s gangsters to watch these guys fight it out for 90 minutes. Come and visit your local Hollywood store or shop online here for your 1920’s gear! You know you want to.