Spooky scary skeletons

Send shivers down your spine

Shrieking skulls will shock your soul

Seal your doom tonight


As we’re pretty much all aware, Skeletons hold an important role on Halloween, whether it is costumes or props, everyone has their place for them.

The ideas of skeletons do send shivers down your spine, whether you’re a child or an adult, just wondering how that skeleton came to be. After all, everyone knows skeletons are just bones from a person. Scary stuff!

It’s Halloween soon, so you’d better get your skeletons ready! Don’t have the right stuff? We’ll help you out! We at Hollywood have so many skeleton themed costumes and accessories you would be set for years to come.

Shall we have a look at what we have? I think we should!

Skeletons to suit everyone!


Starting off, we have this brilliant skeleton costume complete with black corset and pencil skirt, both printed with bones to give the appearance of a skeleton body. A popular choice!


How amazing will your little one look wearing this awesome skeleton second skin costume?  It’s perfect if your kiddies are planning to scare and harass people this Halloween, guaranteeing them a fun time! Which is the most important thing at the end of the day, wouldn’t you say?


If you’re Mr Casual, not looking to wear anything more than a T-shirt and some jeans, we can help you out too! This amazing t-shirt will look the part for a Halloween party without much effort needed, perfect choice for those not looking to put that much effort in.


These fantastic onesies are perfect for Halloween if you’re planning to spend it outside! They are so warm and comfortable and have an amazing skeleton print upon them. You can benefit from this costume greatly!


We have plenty of face paints perfect for painting skeleton faces and other body parts, as well as skeleton hanging props. Halloween is so soon now, so I recommend sooner rather than later getting your hands on some amazing skeleton stuff.