Slenderman Movie Release 2018

On 24th August Slender Man will appear in our cinemas and as all of us at Hollywood love a good horror we thought we would show you some of the creepy, cool things we have lurking in every corner.

slender man horror GIF

Dress like Slenderman!

This brilliant Supernatural Boy Costume is ideal for any little Slender Man fans out there! This cool outfit includes a Black and White Bodysuit in the style of Slender Man!

Slenderman - Supernatural Boy


For anyone who has been into the Hollywood stores you know we have top quality range of masks available and some are defiantly creepier than others. Like this Saw Jigsaw mask...

Slenderman - TTJMUS106

This Saw flesh mask is made of high quality latex and is ON SALE NOW! If this is your type of mask, don’t forget to check it out!

Now this mask is awesomely terrifying! The attention to detail is something out of this world! Ill let you judge for yourself. And Ohhh did I mention… ITS IN THE SALE!!

Slenderman - TTJMUS106

Seen as it’s a new horror movie coming out I am going take you back to the nightmare on elm street! Just look what we have available in all of our stores.

Slenderman - Freddy Krueger Gloves

This is a supreme deluxe freddy glove with metal blades.

If you like creepy decorations whether it’s for a party or you just like having them about we have this eerie hanging light up cocoon which will make anyone jump out of their seats.

Slenderman - Cocoon

I am sure half of you would agree but clowns they just have the spooky look about them.  ! They give me shivers but not as much as this instant kit…

Slenderman - Jester Kit

Doesn’t it look realistic! This Jester kits comes with a mask, collar and headpiece with bells.  If you like making people jump and feel uncomfortable this product is perfect for you.

Know any one that cringes when they see little bugs crawling around? Yes well we have something if you’re looking to pull a prank on your friends… Catch them off guard with this cockroach necklace.

Slenderman - Cockroach Necklace

Like what you’re seeing? Make sure you pop in to your local Hollywood store and seek out all of our little horrors...But beware you just don’t know when something might jump out at you!