Here at Hollywood we take health and safety very seriously, especially when it comes to children. That’s why we put our trust fake britainin R H Smith and Sons to provide us with high quality and rigorously tested Smiffy's products.

Smiffy's Fancy Dress

Smiffy's are a household name when it comes to fancy dress and for all the right reasons. You may have seen their recent feature on BBC’s “Fake Britain” where they highlight issues surrounding counterfeit products and safety risks. In Series 6: Episode 10 viewers can see just how risky buying fake fancy dress costumes can be. We see how fakers are not only damaging honest businesses, but putting both our children’s and our own safety at

Jodie Frisby had purchased an Elsa fancy dress costume for her daughter online, but little did she know that she was receiving a fake costume. The dress fell apart within minutes and when put to a fire test the costume was incinerated in seconds. So remember, if you are looking for an Elsa costume this Christmas, this is the Elsa you should be purchasing. Claudia Winkleman also fell victim to untested fancy dress when her daughter’s Halloween costume caught fire. She went on to lead a campaign to put safety standards in place for fancy dress costumes.

Stay Safe

Ray Peckett, managing director of Smiffy's, spoke out against the fake fancy dress companies that are affecting us here in Britain. He says that it is not just customers, but all of the designers whose work is being stolen and copied that are affected by the situation. Thousands of fake fancy dress costumes are seized every year and it is costing Smiffy's about 10% of their business. He also shows you how you can be scammed online by companies using official product images to sell their fakes ones. Always buy from reliable sources when shopping online and even in store.Smiffy's

As you see in the program, Smiffy's are dedicated to testing their fancy dress costumes to the fullest before approving them for sale. Children’s fancy dress costumes are not actually subject to flammability testing, but Smiffy’s are insistent on safety standards for the items they stock. You can see the extent that they go to in this episode as they try and set the Smiffy’s Poor Victorian Girl costume alight multiple times and then when it finally catches, the costume self extinguishes within seconds. That is the kind of safety you need for your children.

So this Christmas when you’re buying that princess dress or superhero costume, be mindful of cheap fakes and internet scams. Be smart and be safe, get your Smiffy's fancy dress here at Hollywood!