Any Smurf fans in the house? If so then you will be pleased to know that Smurfs: The Lost Village is out in cinemas on March 31st 2017!


Now for some reason we just cannot get enough of the Smurfs'! There's something about the small, blue critters that we love! Adding another movie to the franchise is all the evidence we need! So if you are a hard-core Smurfs fan we are guaranteed to make your day by the brilliant Gnome costumes we have in-stock. They have of course been inspired by the Smurfs!

Smurfs - they never go out of style!

It's true to say that the small blue critters never go out of style. You can never have too many at one party! Which is why we are always stocked up with plenty of outfits! Check out our Blue men's Gnome Costume.

This brilliant outfit comes complete with a long sleeved blue top, a pair of white dungarees, white gnome hat and a fluffy white beard on elastic. We even have a female version available which is ideal for achieving the blonde bombshell look which is Smurfette of course! It's ideal for any couples looking to compliment each other.

Accessories please!

Don't panic if you don't want to walk around like a giant blue smurf we do supply the accessories that are suitable for the occasion! Check out the white, fluffy gnome beard we supply.

It's a best-seller and will make you look like Papa Smurf in an instant! We also sell the iconic Red and White Gnome Hats which are a must if you are looking to attend the premiere! Another must-have is the blue skin! So in order to achieve the iconic Blue skin of a Smurf we have some Royal Blue Face and Body Paint which means not only can you cover your face but you can do your hands and feet aswell!

All you need to apply this gem is a wet brush or sponge (speaking of which we supply both)! It couldn't be simpler!

So come of Smurf fans make sure you book your tickets now and visit our stores or shop online to get your goodies all ready for the premier! After all what's the point in attending a premier if you aren't going to make the most of it and dress up?

Check out the full trailer here:-

In cinemas March 31st 2017.