Once upon a time lived George... and the Dragon! Guess what Brits, St George's Day is fast approaching! Sunday the 23rd of April is the date for the diary!


For all of you that aren't to clued up about the origins of good ol' St George the tradition and myth is crucial! The medieval myth of St George and the Dragon is the following:

'The medieval legend of St George and the dragon is over a thousand years old. The tale goes that the dragon made it’s nest by the fresh water spring near the town of Silene in Libya. When people came to collect water, they inadvertently disturbed the dragon and so offered sheep as a distraction.

After time, there were simply no sheep left to offer the dragon and so the people of Silene decided to chose a maiden from the town by drawing lots. When the results were read, it was revealed that the princess was to be the dragon’s next victim. Despite the Monarch’s protest his daughter Cleolinda was offered to the dragon...

However, at the moment of offering, a knight from the Crusades came riding by on his white stallion. St George dismounted and drew his sword, protecting himself with the sign of the cross. He fought the dragon on foot and managed to slay the beast and saved the princess. The people of Silene were exceptionally grateful and abandoned their pagan beliefs to convert to Christianity.' For more info click here.

St George's Day History

The History on the celebrated day itself is a bit different to the traditional medieval story of George and the Dragon. Here's the top things to know about the not-so national holiday we celebrate of the 23rd of April every year:-

1)  In 1222 the Council of Oxford declared April 23rd to be St George’s Day.

2)  It was not until 1348 that St George became the Patron Saint of England.

3)  In 1415, St George’s Day was declared a national feast day and holiday in England.

4)  However, after the union with Scotland at the end of the 18th Century, the tradition diminished and since has not been widely acknowledged and is no longer a national holiday.

5)  Traditional customs were to fly the St George’s flag and wear a red rose in one’s lapel.

6) The hymn ‘Jerusalem’ was also sung on the 23rd April, or the nearest Sunday to that date, in churches across the nation.

To view the original source of this information click here.

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