We all love a good celebration down here at Hollywood and that’s why we’re getting pumped up for St. Georges Day! As the patron Saint of England, St. George legendarily slayed a dragon, and we here at Hollywood believe that Monday April 23rd is a cause for celebration! St. Georges Day will be a huge celebration worldwide; with people sporting the infamous white and red cross flag on their faces and their hair, as well as dressing their rooms and streets up with it! Lenny has been bouncing around the stockroom, carefully picking out bits of St. Georges Day merchandise that he thinks is best for our customers, which is why we have a variety of the day’s bits and bobs, including hair spray,wearable flagseye accessories and hats! Celebrate this fantastic memorial, and sport the cross he wore on his shield in battle. Be part of the day, and come to find your perfect accessories for your party at your local Hollywood store, or shop online here!