"The day of the festival of Patrick"

17th of March is but of course St Patrick's day and is just around the corner! Celebrate and show off your green side. Why not get in the festive mood and spread the luck of the Irish with three leaf clovers! Why not transform into a leprechaun for the day. Or perhaps being a small, gold-obsessed man isn't your idea of fun. We have many accessories to get you in the Irish mood! From tall hats to funky big sunglasses to beaded whistles. What about the female side of things? Not to worry we have the perfect costume for all the ladies out their with this gorgeous Irish Lady costume. Want to be more subtle yet sexy with your celebrations? Why not just accessorise your legs with this fantastic pair of green tights?! Why not take it a step further and spray your hair green with some funky hair spray and paint your face with some face paint; choose between various shades of green! If you don't fancy being as drastic; pick up a green afro wig and silly string. So whether you are Irish or just want to join in with the celebrations, pop down to one of our three stores and let us inspire you with green goodies!