Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you can’t look dapper and dressed up! Check out our fantastic new range of Stand Out Suits for Halloween 2016!

Stand Out From The Crowd

Looking good in fancy dress has never been easier! We give you the Halloween Stand Out Suit range, perfectly tailored to keep you looking sharper than Michael Myers’ knife. These suits come complete with a fitted and lined jacket, smart trousers and a matching tie!

Blast off to distant galaxies with the new “Space Suit” covered in images of the sun, spaceships, planets and swirling vortexes! Or why not be the embodiment of everyone’s favourite Halloween decoration, with the pumpkin suit covered in scary Jack O Lanterns.

Now, Stand Out Suits have always been a man’s best friend when it comes to fancy dress, but as Halloween rolls around the women are finally getting a look in! This year there will be stylish, beautifully cut dresses complete with matching ¾ sleeve jackets. Can I hear you say “Perfect couple’s costumes”?45563

The zombie suit is the first matching pair we have to offer which features a menagerie of brain hungry monsters! There’s plenty of gore on offer here and no need to get dirty in the process (Unless, of course, you want to!)

Another new design fresh for 2016 is the day of the dead matching suits! Perhaps the most colourful Halloween outfit you’ll see this year is going to be a huge hit. The sugar skull and flower design are so eye catching that you could almost head out in these outfits on a daily basis! Get those heads turning!

You may remember the skeleton Stand Out Suit from last year, well now we give you the matching dress for ladies! A gorgeousStand Out a-line number absolutely covered in skull designs is perfect for when you have a meeting at 4, but a Halloween bash at 6!

If none of these beauties tickle your fancy, then don’t forget to check out our huge everyday range of Stand Out Suits available all year round!