Now I have to talk to you about something very serious. A long, long time ago, in a country far, far away George Lucas created something amazing. He took a story as old as time of galactic dictators and a people’s rebellion. A small resistance fighting against an overwhelming enemy on a scale that no one had seen before. But more than just fighting, this story had intricate relationships and a diverse range of peoples and ways of life. This story was an immediate hit with cinema goers and film fans. So much so they created Star Wars Day May The 4th.

On May 4th many fans choose to re-watch the 9 film and counting epic (or at least the original 3) in costume, or throw Star Wars themed parties. It’s amazing that people from all over the world can unite and come together over films. This kind of global unity is very rarely seen for any other reason. So let’s not break the tradition, and organise our own gatherings and watch parties. Of course we will all need new costumes!

Star Wars Day Costumes

Whatever your calibration is becoming a Jedi for the day is always a good move.

Star Wars Day May The 4th Jedi costume
Men's Jedi Costume
Star Wars Day May The 4th Kids Jedi
Kids Jedi Costume

Or maybe becoming Leia is the right costume for you.

Star Wars Day May The 4th salve princess costume.
Fever Slave Princess
Kids Princess Leia Costume
Kids Princess Leia Costume

If your feeling the rage, the dark side may be calling.

Men's Darth Vader Costume
Darth Vader Costume
Star Wars Day May The 4th, Storm Trooper Costume.
Storm Trooper Costume

We can not forget the most popular character Chewbacca. Discover your inner Wookie with these costumes.

Kids Wookie Costume
Kids Wookie Costume
Star Wars Day May The 4th, Chewbacca costume for adults.
Adult Wookie Costume

Here in Bournemouth we have the Bournemouth Comic Con and Gaming Festival happening on 5th May. So come and grab all your cosplay essentials from us. Whether you are celebrating Star Wars, or creating your own costume, our friendly staff will be able help