Student Traffic is a name that gets students head popping up as it spreads through campus! Offering an always awesome dress up theme, and a guaranteed brilliant night out, the news that Student Traffic is back gets students eager to look the best on the remarkable evening. After hearing the news, they need to find out more details, rushing back to their computer to hop on the ever popular social networking sites to find out every bit of detail they need for the big night. After the incredible success stories of the last Student Traffic, where they rocked out the Army Theme, Student Traffic are back with what is sure to be the best night out before the bore of exams! A classic theme for your students this time: Geek Chic! So grab your braces and your specs for this one because it’s going to be a geek fest! There’s not much time left! The party’s tomorrow night! So what are you doing sat there? Come down to your local Hollywood store and take a look at all our geek accessories! Check out our nerd glassescaps, ties, braces and pigtails to dress up for a party that is going to raise the bar further than it has ever been raised before. We look forward to seeing you come and grab your geeky gear!