Summer Ball 2014

Summer Ball 2014

With tickets for this year’s Bournemouth Summer Ball all sold out there is only one thing left to do… COME TO HOLLYWOOD!

Whether you’re a fresher or a seasoned summer ball goer you will know that it is the biggest fancy dress event on the student calendar which makes it all about the costumes. Just a glimpse of photos from previous years will give you an idea of just how much effort and enthusiasm goes in to the dressing up; don’t let this year be any different!

Costumes! Costumes! Costumes!

Whether you are making, buying or hiring your costume for Bournemouth Summer Ball 2014, Hollywood is definitely the place to come!

We love seeing you break out your creative side and building your own spectacular summer ball costumes, with gems such as Mario Kart and Jelly Belly jelly beans gracing the fields of Summer Ball 2014Bournemouth Sports Club last year. No matter what your crazy and creative ideas Hollywood are still here to help with accessories, face paints and decorations and for anything else that you simply can’t make yourself.

When it comes to hiring costumes, we have an enormous range and with an open theme the possibilities are literally endless as to what you can create! With many handmade, high quality costumes and accessories from marvellous Mickey Mouse mascots to dazzling Disney dresses we have everything you could want all under one roof. Don’t let the word ‘hire’ scare you off, at up to half the price and triple the quality you certainly get your money’s worth and you don’t even have to wash it afterwards!

For those of you that are too short on time or just not that confident at making something yourself, have no fear Hollywood is brimming with fun, exciting, funny and sexy costumes for all shapes and sizes. Snap up a bargain in our sale areas and throughout the stores with budget Summer Ball 2014costumes from as little as £11.99! For those of you with more luxurious taste we have a huge range of deluxe and super deluxe costumes too so you can go all out this year. We know you love to go in groups so be sure to get in quickly to avoid disappointment!