Throw your very own Summer/Hawaiian themed party!

With the summer well and truly here, why not make the most of this gloriously sunny weather and get your party on?!

Seeing as Party is literally our middle name we’d like to think we know a thing or two about how to put one together. So here we have a few simple steps to put together the best Hawaiian summer bash in your very own garden:

Step One: Summer Decorations

Get yourself some summery cut outs like these fabulous hibiscus handing decorations and these Hawaiian themed garlands. Use tape or pins to fix them to your fence or walls, you can even zig-zag them overhead for ultimate effect.

To bring the theme to the centre of the party you can add some fun inflatables such as palm trees, flamingos and parrots in and around your garden. Another fun addition that is simple and effective is balloons, whether you choose to go for your standard blow up at home kind or something a bit more extravagant. We have balloons of all colours, shapes and

sizes so don’t be afraid to ask for something really wild!

Summer party decorationSummer party decorations

Step 2: You

Now that your garden is looking beautiful, it’s time for your make over!

Ladies: Add one pretty Hawaiian party girl dress, clip some flowers into your hair, and put some colourful flower lei around your neck and some flip flops on your feet. Voila, party ready!

Gents: Break out the classic Hawaiian shirt, don those shorts and get a flower lei around your neck and why not add some funky shades for good measure? Summer Party Costumes

For those of you that don’t like to get too dressed up we have some fantastic grass skirt sets to choose from and a huge range of separate Hawaiian accessories too!

Summer Party Costumes

Step 3: Music

Bring the IPod dock into the garden and fill the air with the sweet sound of cool summer tunes, mix in some atmospheric beach sounds to really bring your theme to life. Don’t forget, if you invite the neighbours, they can’t complain about the noise!

Step 4: Food & Drink

You can’t have a Hawaiian themed party without some classic Hawaiian nibbles. Whip up a batch of crab cakes or try your hand at making some delicious chicken and mango rice. If you’re not feeling particularly adventurous you can just grab yourself some Hawaiian pizzas from the supermarket! As for the drinks, you absolutely have to try the party classic of hollowing out a pineapple to drink your summery cocktail from. If you can’t get hold of one, have no fear, you can grab yourself some coconut cups and hibiscus straws from our lovely selves.  Don’t forget to add a little colour with some fun cocktail umbrellas in your food as well as your drinks! Summer Party Accessories

You are now all set for the most memorable summer get together you, your friends or your town has seen yet! Just remember, with a little help from Hollywood, anything is possible!

Summer Party Accessories