Medieval Fancy Dress, Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice 2014

Come one, come all. It's that time of year again where we celebrate the longest day of the year and the official start of Summer!  And where better to celebrate this marvellous event then Stonehenge of course? Rumour has it that it is the best place to be on the day as Stone henge has always been a place of celebration and worship for the Summer Solstice since 'immemorial' time.

It's almost a sacred tradition to dress up when visiting Stone henge for the Summer Solstice. Medieval/ historical costumes and weirdly- pirates are the usual, favoured costumes that spends time at the ruins on this magical day.

This year the Summer Solstice takes place on Friday 20th and June (only two days away!) and Saturday 21st June. The beginning of this mystical event takes place when the sunsets on the Friday and you can even watch the sun rise on the Saturday. Check out the sunrise and sunset timings:-

  • Sunset on Friday 20th June 2014 is at 21.26 hours (9.26pm).
  • Sunrise on Saturday 21st June 2014 is at 04.52 hours (4.52am).

So what exactly is so special and magical about Stonehenge? Let's look at some facts and theories that makes Stonehenge remain a well visited place and form or worship- even to this day!

  1. Stonehenge is over 5,000 years-old, with construction beginning on the first stage of the monument c3100 BC. It is older than all the pyramids of Egypt. The design would be changed, with stones added and removed, over the next 1,500 years.
  2. The monument is made of two major types of stone, sarsens and bluestones. Sarsens are the larger ones, some of them reaching 9m tall and weighing over 20 tons. They are thought to have come from the Marlborough Downs, around 20 miles from Salisbury Plain, and were transported on large logs greased with animal fat. The volcanic bluestones – so called because they have a bluish hue when they get wet – had a longer journey. Weighing around three to four tons, they were brought from the Preseli Hills in Wales – over 150 miles away. There have been several theories explaining how they were moved, including boats, glaciers and even aliens, but we cannot be sure.
  3. The purpose of Stonehenge’s existence is another hotly debated issue as records are so sparse from the time of its construction. It may have been used as a memorial to commemorate leaders of the nearby tribes; a site of miracle healing; a burial ground; or an astronomical observatory to mark the winter solstice. Whatever its purpose, it was built with a sophisticated understanding of mathematics and geometry, as it is aligned with the rising and setting of the Sun.

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So why not celebrate the mysteries of this world and the great wonder that our small country holds! Grab some friends and head down to Stonehenge to party and enjoy the official start of summer. For more information:- Need a costume or accessories? Do not panic! We have a huge range on Pirate costumes including costumes, hat, eye patches, wigs, beards, swords, pistols, parrots, boot covers etc. Maybe you would prefer something more historical? We have a beautiful renaissance maiden costume for ladies and a brilliant English Knight for the men! Not just for the adults, even the children can enjoy this day out, dress them as a historical icon. Only two days until Summer officially begins!

Renaissance Maiden - Summer SolsticeMedieval costumes - Summer Solstice