Calling all superheroes! New Years Eve is fast approaching! Not long now - only 3 more days until the big night! Are you struggling with finding an outfit? Well then I would advise an old fan favourite... superheroes! Whether you are a DC or a Marvel fan... or both we have costumes that will suit your style! From heroes to villains we have a massive selection! Make sure you are the best dressed for New Years Eve!

Harley Quinn - A Gal's Best Friend

For all fans of the latest Suicide Squad and DC fans in general you will be familiar we the bubbly and crazy Harleen Quinzel. She is the lovable and messed up girlfriend of the Joker and she kicks butt! She is a baddie but it suits her sassy style! We now have the costume kits in stock to perfect the much sought after style! We also now have the iconic dip dyed pink and blue wigs to perfect the rebellious look!


Superheroes are Overated.

It's true Superheroes are overated! Which is why we are sticking to our much loves villains! A fantastic option for men is Deadshot! That's right. He's one of Harley's friend and they are in the same squad! Brought to the big screen by perfection by the brilliant Will Smith. Deadshot is one of our most popular outfits and it's not hard to understand why...


Batman vs Superman

Of course we do love our heroes too and we have certainly been spoilt for choice recently. What with the recent Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie and the latest Avengers movie! What's that? The Justice League movie on the horizon? Well I guess Superheroes are a very popular and favorite choice going by the box office successes. Well to fuel your DC addiction we now have the official Batman vs Superman costumes in store just in time for New Years Eve! This includes Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman costumes for adults and for children.

Go all out this New Years Eve and wear your favourite Superhero!