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Han Solo

  1. May the 4th be with you! 2019

    May the 4th be with you! 2019
    May the 4th be with you! 2019 (Star Wars Day) Calling all Star Wars fans out there - May the 4th is the day for you! Celebrate May the 4th by watching your favourite Star Wars film... in costume of course! May the 4th - Time for the Star Wars costumes! “Laugh it up, fuzzball!” Star Wars’ favourite hired hand...
  2. Solo - A Star Wars Story

    Solo - A Star Wars Story
    Star Wars has really kicked off again the past year! Last year The Last Jedi got fans hyped all around the world. Now the story’s hero and loveable rogue, Han Solo is getting his own movie. The movie Solo takes us back to a time before Han meets Luke Skywalker as we learn about his past and how his character...

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