Arrrrrgh you ready for Talk like a Pirate Day?! This Saturday 19th September people around the world will be doing their best Captain Jack impressions and drinking plenty of grog so get involved!

What is Talk Like a Pirate Day?

Well as you can image, it’s not the most serious of celebrations and it is not recognised as an official holiday. But that hasn’t stopped Talk like a Pirate Day from becoming an international phenomenon celebrated by people across the seven seas! It’s a chance to get together with your friends, dress up in pirate gear and have a good time. Many people will hold pirate parties or head down to the nearest dock or beach for some pirate themed events.

What To Wear?Talk like a pirate

If you’re after some fancy pirate get up then look no further! We have a huge range of pirate costumes and accessories for men, women and children. We even have some deluxe costumes to hire at our branch in Castle Lane so be sure to pop in and check it out!

Here are some fun pirate words and phrases to get you through the day:

  • Ahoy! – This is an expression that can be used to mean “Hello” or to get someone’s attention.
  • Avast! – An exclamation of surprise that is often shouted incredulously.
  • Aye! – This phrase means that you agree with someone and it is said with a smile and a tip of the hat.
  • Aye aye! – An exclamation that means something similar to “Yes, Sir!”
  • Arrrr! – This is a multi-purpose sound that can mean many things, including excitement, agreement, anger, pleasure and much more.
  • Bilge Rat – A bilge rat lives in the bilge, the lowest level of the pirate ship. It is the worst place because it is filled with smelly water. This phrase is a very effective pirate insult.
  • Grog – This means an alcoholic drink, perhaps rum. An International Talk Like a Pirate Day party should always include a lot of grog to get everyone in the pirate mood.
  • Land Lubber – This is a pirate insult for someone who doesn’t go to sea and spends all of their time on the land. Of course, you might be a land lubber during the rest of the year but when it is Talk Like a Pirate Day you can pretend you are a sea-faring sailor.



Don’t forget that Talk Like A Pirate Day also falls on the same day as Ringwood Carnival. Why not combine the two and come and watch the Hollywood team do what the do best, spreading joy in fancy dress!