Talk Like a Pirate Day 2018!

Ahoy there! Talk like a pirate day be on th' horizon. Join in on th' fun natter like a pirate. On Wednesday 19th September grab yer eye patch 'n yer bandana 'n do wha’ pirates do best!

jack sparrow pirate GIF

We have such a large range of pirate costumes and accessories to choose from, let me blow your mind and show you some of the fantastic products we have for you!


So for you handsome scallywags, we have so much for you to choose from. Set sail with this High Seas pirate costume.

A perfect costume to get into character, it comes complete with white long sleeve top with attached waistcoat, short brown trousers, a baldric, belt and headscarf.

Or catch a lasses eye wit' this!


This pirate man costume comes with boot covers, trousers a shirt, headpiece and belt. This costume is so light to wear and is made of the best quality!

Fer ye lovely beauties we 'ave some stunners fer ye too. Like this deluxe Pirate Wench costume. You wont have to walk the plank in this beauty!

Pirate Day  -Pirate Wench Costume

This costume includes top with attached waistcoat, skirt and bandanna.

Or if you want something a bit different  go for a deluxe pirate shirt.

Pirate Day - Ladies Pirate Shirt

They come in a few different colours and we stock both ladies and men’s shirts!

Match your shirt up with this beautiful pirate skirt. With a belt like pattern down the skirt its defiantly a good buy to complete your look.

Pirate Skirt - Pirate Day

Or for you men match your shirt up with these snazzy blouson pants!

Pirate Day - Trousers

Add a few accessories and you’re good to go!

We even 'ave costumes fer yer sprogs.  Click here to browse the fantastic range we have.

Every look needs to be finished off with a few accessories; here are a few of must haves when dressing as a buccaneer.

Can’t forget your eyepatches, here at all our Hollywood stores we a great selection of eyepatches to suit everyone . Like this red lace eyepatch!

Pirate Day - Eyepatch

Or this satin black eyepatch...

Pirate Day - Satin Eyepatch

If ye ‘ave been lured in by all our great buccaneer goodies elder in 'n see us now! We look fore t' seein' ye.