World Book Day 2020 - Teachers

World Book Day is just around the corner and it's not only the kid's who dress up... *cough* teachers and teaching assistants*cough*. Make sure you are prepared for Thursday 5th March 2020.

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Take a look at some of our bestsellers for adult's this World Book Day and get some inspiration!

Roald Dahl's BFG!

BFG Costume | Teachers 2020

 Roald Dahl's The BFG is a story about a friendly giant known as The BFG who collects and gives good dreams to children, and an orphan named Sophie. Together The BFG and Sophie, with help from the Queen of England, help to rid the world of the child-eating giants. This fantastic costume is perfect for any teacher looking for that perfect world book out fit.

This costume comes complete with green trousers, white top with attached brown waistcoat, big ears on a headband, and the all important dream trumpet. Just the outfit for the teachers this world book day!

Alice in Wonderland - Teachers Favourite!

Mad Hatter | Teachers 2020

From the classic story Alice in Wonderland comes the much loved character of the mad hatter he is mad as a hatter and enjoys his tea.

This fantastic costume comes complete with blue trousers, and top with brown and green jacket and green and purple chequered front with attached black and white chequered tie, and not forgetting the all important hat which is purple with a black and white chequered band with the 10/6 symbol attached. A must-have for the teachers!

Alice in Wonderland Kit | Teachers 2020

This cute little set is perfect for world book day and turning yourself in to Alice in wonderlands main character, comes with skirt and hair bow.

Where's Wally? - Perfect for Teachers!

Where's Wally Costume | Teachers 2020

Where's Wally Instant fancy dress kit. This fantastic Where's Wally Costume Kit is a must-have for anyone intending to blend in.

This brilliant kit includes a famous Red and White striped T-Shirt with the Where's Wally logo. Bobble Hat and Black Frame Glasses. Perfect for the teachers.

Odlaw Costume | Teachers 2020

Meet Odlaw! He is "mean, nasty, loathsome and disgusting". His number of good deeds are few and all he cares about is getting his hands on Waldo's magic walking stick! Why not be different and dress as the Villain from Where's Wally with this fantastic Odlaw costume? This brilliant outfit comes complete with a Black & Yellow Striped, Long Sleeved Top, Black Trousers, Striped Hat, Moustache & Glasses to finish off the look!

Wenda Costume | Teachers 2020

Ladies Where's Wenda? Fancy Dress World Book Day Costume. From the classic find them books of Where's Wally comes Wall's girlfriend Wenda, you can no dress as this brilliant character with this ladies fancy dress costume.

This costume comes complete with a dress with blue skirt, and red and white striped top wit attached belt, with the Wally logo printed on the dress, also comes with the hat and glasses.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter | Teachers 2020

Harry Potter Costume. Includes long black robe with attached hood and matching black clasp. Fight Voldermort in this genius Harry Potter robe! A must-have for all the teachers out there!

Slytherin Top | Teachers 2020

This fantastic Ladies, Hogwarts, Slytherin, Harry Potter, Adults, Fancy Dress Costume Top is a must-have for any lady looking to finish off that Hogwarts Student look!

This Slytherin Ladies Costume Top is 3D Printed with iconic Slytherin Logo Design and is printed on the front and back! Simply team up with the skirt and accessories to finish off the look.

Slytherin girls by the name of Merula, Ismelda, Pansy and Daphne have gone before you, proudly wearing this uniform. Take your turn in their pantheon of illustrious students, those marked with a cunning, ambitious streak.

Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka Costume | Teachers 2020

Cook up a host of secret inventions in a chocolate factory of your own! A close look at Willy Wonka's splendid waistcoat will provide plenty of ideas, and that Golden Ticket poking out of his pocket will ensure you have lots of followers! This fantastic outfit comes complete with a purple jacket with attached waistcoat, bow tie and golden ticket and hat. (Trousers and wig not included).


Designed for the taller Oompa-Loompas among us, this all-in-one suit will transport you straight to the heart of Mr Willy Wonka’s magnificent chocolate factory. It’s so much more friendly a place than Loompaland, you’ll want to stay! This brilliant outfit comes complete with the iconic White and Brown Jumpsuit.

Comic Book Ideas

Batgirl Costume | Teachers 2020

This brilliant Ladies Batgirl costume includes a black dress, complete with a bright yellow bat-symbol in the classic style of the comic books, while avoiding the garish black rubber of Joel Schumacher’s offering. It also includes a cape, gloves, an eye-mask, a belt and boot tops.


This awesome DC Superman costume is ideal for any DC fan out there! This incredible costume includes a blue and red jumpsuit with cape and belt.Defend the earth in this brilliant costume!

Other Ideas

Dog Catcher Costume | Teachers 2020

Are you stuck for ladies fancy dress ideas? The curl of her lips, the ice of her stare, all innocent children had better beware… Baddies are much more fun than goodies and you’ll have loads of fun in this ladies fancy dress outfit acting as Kruel-la! Just cast your eye on one stray pup and the other 100 will run a mile! This gorgeous ladies fancy dress outfit is inspired by Cruella De Vil.

The costume comes complete with a Black and White spotted dress, featuring a Dalmatian Print chest and halterneck style staps. The dress also has an attached collar and separate, long black sleeves with dalmation print cuffs to finish off the look.


This brilliant ladies' Barbie, Great Shape Costume is a must-have for any lady that loves the classic Barbie Doll! Now you can be the perfect Doll with this fantastic, sporty outfit! It comes complete with a Light Blue Jumpsuit, Pink Barbie Belt, Blue Headband, Pink Towel, Blonde Curly Wig and Striped Legwarmers to finish off the look.

Unicorn | Teachers 2020

Have you read Ame Dyckman's 'You don't want a Unicorn!'? Well it's a favourite among children so why not impress them by dressing as the Unicorn for World Book Day?

This stunning Unicorn Rainbow Onesie Costume comes complete with a super soft, snugly, Multi-coloured, Striped All in one with Zip Up Front and an attached Hood to finish off the look. It also has an attached Horn and Unicorn Detail on the Hood and an attached Mane and Tail to finish off the adorable look.

So come on teachers - what are you waiting for?

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